Delta Aluminium

Forging Quality: Delta Aluminium's Billet Mastery

Quality begins with Billet Casting

Delta Aluminium understands that superior aluminum products hinge on the quality of the billets used in their creation.

Our commitment to excellence starts with advanced billet casting techniques, incorporating cutting-edge technology and rigorous quality assurance measures. By prioritizing precision and innovation, we consistently produce billets that exceed industry standards, ensuring reliability and durability in our products.

Our focus on quality also extends to environmental responsibility, with efficient casting processes that minimize waste and energy consumption. Through continuous research and development, we strive to stay ahead in the industry, delivering top-tier products while maintaining our commitment to sustainability.

Advanced Technology

Delta Aluminium’s billet casting plant stands as a testament to modern engineering and innovation. Our facility is equipped with cutting-edge equipment designed to optimize every stage of the billet casting process:

  • Melting & Holding Furnace: Featuring a gas-fired design with a regenerative burner system, our furnace ensures efficient fuel consumption and minimal emissions, maintaining uniform temperatures and consistent metal flow, essential for high-quality billet production.

  • Filtering Unit: Employing ceramic foam filters, we meticulously remove inclusions and impurities from the molten metal, ensuring purity and integrity throughout the casting process.

  • Mold Table: Our current mold table features water-cooled molds with diameters of 114 mm or 152 mm, tailored to specific alloy requirements such as 6060 and 6063, with upcoming plans for enhancement by investing in our mold table for increased diameter flexibility.

  • Starting Head and Cutting Machine: With precision hydraulic shears, we cut billets to lengths of up to 5.5 meters, ensuring consistency and accuracy in every billet produced.

  • Homogenizing Furnace: Our electric homogenizing furnace ensures uniform heating of billets, eliminating internal stresses and enhancing overall structural integrity.