Delta Aluminium

Precision Machining and Fabrication

Precise and Customized Solutions

The fabricating prowess of Delta Aluminium is underpinned by two key elements: cutting-edge equipment and a comprehensive suite of machining services.

When it comes to  precision and customizationDelta Aluminium stands at the forefront of the aluminum industry, delivering high-quality products tailored to diverse applications. Complementing its billet casting and extrusion departmentsDelta Aluminium’s machining fabrication division offers precise and customized solutions, guided by skilled technicians and bolstered by advanced equipment.

Cutting-Edge Equipment

From Cutting to Polishing: Delta Aluminium's Comprehensive Equipment Includes:

  • Cutting Saws: Four cutting saws, engineered for accuracy, slice profiles to precise lengths and angles.
  • Punching Tools: An assembly of six punching tools, puncture holes or slots in aluminum profiles, accommodating various shapes and sizes.
  • Pneumatic Punches for Window Sills: Two pneumatic punches, with adjustable depth and position, efficiently perforate holes for window sills, ensuring optimal functionality.
  • Drilling Devices for Rail: With three drilling devices at their disposal, Delta Aluminium drills holes for rail profiles, catering to diverse lengths and diameters.
  • Threading Devices: Two threading devices, each offering distinct capabilities, facilitate the threading of holes or screws in aluminum profiles, accommodating various pitches and sizes.
  • Satinizing & Polishing Equipment: With our polishing and satinizing equipment we meticulously apply surface treatments to our profiles, eliminating imperfections to enhance both appearance and durability.