Delta Aluminium

Driving Innovation Across Diverse Industries

Delta Aluminium has solidified its position as a significant force in the aluminium industry. The company’s headquarters is a hub for its extensive operations, which include a production capacity of 24,000 tons per year across a sprawling 22,000 square meter facility. Since its inception in 2006Delta Aluminium has consistently grown and improved.

The company’s market presence is bolstered by its status as one of the largest producers of aluminium profiles in Romania. Its products find their way across borders, with a substantial export footprint in countries like the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain, and Poland. This international reach is a testament to the company’s robust market share and its strategic positioning within the industry’s competitive landscape.

In a world increasingly focused on sustainability and innovationDelta Aluminium emerges as a transformative force across multiple market sectors. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, the company’s contributions resonate across various industries, each underscored by a dedication to quality, reliability, and environmental stewardship.

As industries worldwide embrace the imperative of environmental consciousness, Delta Aluminium’s diverse portfolio across multiple sectors epitomizes the company’s dedication to shaping a more efficient and sustainable future for generations to come.

Diverse Markets:

Photovoltaics Industry

Consumer Electronics

Construction Industry

Greenhouse Sector